Son of Wands

On the opposite end of the Daughter of Wands is the Son of Wands, who is all excitement and energy. Action is not a problem for you and fear doesn’t hold you back; the problem though is that practicality is treated like an irrelevant concern. Thoughtlessness and exuberance can’t successfully exist without realism. At least a little. I’m…

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Celebrate New Growth on Beltane

Beltane, also known as May Day, happens on May 1 and celebrates the coming growth for the new year (this has a quite literal interpretation considering the holiday’s illicit history!), as well as celebrating the importance of the sun; which is symbolized by fire. Much like Ostara before it, greenery and flowers play an important part…

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Winter is Over, Time for Ostara

Winter is over in theory anyway. Where I live there’s still a lot of snow, cold, and 200,000 mph winds, so I’m not really in a springtime mood. (Funnily enough, I complained about this in my last Pagan holiday post. Go figure.) However, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Ostara; especially if you’ve rejected Catholicism like me.…

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