Five of Swords

In astrology, Air signs and houses represent how we respond to the world and how, in turn, the world responds to us. It is the same for the Suit of Swords. How we think and what we do will always affect more than just us. Upright, the Five of Swords signifies our most selfish and ruthless tendencies. Winning, regardless of the cost, for the sake of winning, the inability or lack of care and consideration of another person’s perspective, and the need to assert one’s own rightness comes along with this card. It goes without saying that no one wants or needs to be around a person like this, and so people slowly pull away. And what you’re left with is alienating personality traits, as well as self-destructive tendencies. To sum it up, you lose more than you gain.

Reversed, you’ve achieved clarity regarding your own behavior and want to make amends. It can be difficult to remember that moving on from hurt isn’t easy, but try to remember that what might have seemed like an innocuous comment or action to you can stick with someone for a long time. Try to remember that no one owes you anything, that includes their forgiveness. Let this be an opportunity to learn consideration for another’s feelings and let them go at their own pace, they’ll appreciate that you respected them enough to do that.

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Picture belongs to The Wild Unknown