Ace of Swords

As the Swords deal with the mind, an upright Ace of Swords signifies mental clarity. You see everything clearly, not in the sense of the proverbial truth, but in realism and awareness. Self-awareness, most importantly. When we see ourselves clearly, we can then see others clearly. We can see our stumbling blocks, our failures, and move past them to achieve what we’ve always wanted. Aces, throughout the Tarot, symbolize new beginnings, so capitalize on that.

While upright Ace of Swords is like Mercury at its highest functioning, reversed is like Mercury in Retrograde. Goodbye mental clarity, hello mind fog (like what I’m going through today, courtesy of too much Halloween candy). This is the time to take a step back from impulsivity and strive to be cautious. Whatever is keeping your mind chaotic will keep you from making the best possible decisions and you may ultimately end up hindering, rather than helping, yourself. Seek advice from someone you trust, plan carefully and take small steps rather than rushing headlong, and be secure in the knowledge that this will pass and you can move forward. It just takes time.

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Picture belongs to The Wild Unknown