Suit of Swords

The suit of Swords is represented by the element of Air, as such, there is a focus on the mind, rather than the emotions. It shows your intelligence and communicative skills, not unlike Mercury-ruled Gemini, as well as your attitude towards logic, truth, and justice, like the scales used to represent Libra, finally your ambition for change, or the water bearer of Aquarius, all come from the Swords.

With all this focus on logic, intellect, and fairness, empathy can be thrown by the wayside. Swords can be harsh and judgemental, and a reading filled with them can be indicative of turmoil in your life. The energy in these cards is, quite literally, a double-edged sword. (I couldn’t resist.) Unlike Wands, which is all about action and moving forward, and Cups, which is the great depth of your emotionality, Swords are the choices we make and the consequences that follow.

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Picture belongs to The Wild Unknown