Father of Cups

Upright, the Father of Cups is the bridge between your emotionality and logic. This card means you have evolved to the point where you can use your emotions to have a deeper understanding of yourself and others, as well as empathy. Essentially, it’s peak high functioning, emotional x-ray, Scorpio.

Reversed, much like the Son of Cups, is low functioning Scorpio. But, while the Son is prone to being temperamental and assuming the worst of others, the Father uses the understanding of emotionality and logic in a malignant way. When you lack empathy, it can be almost too easy to become cold and manipulative. Whenever anyone with highly  Scorpionic tendencies gives in to this impulse, I can almost guarantee its because they’ve been hurt. I know its just as easy to give into the thinking that no one has ever been as hurt as we have been, as it is to give in to our lowest impulses. Don’t allow yourself to do that. If you’ve been hurt, it had nothing to do with you. Don’t tell yourself otherwise, don’t let yourself believe that you are broken beyond repair and can now do to others what has been done to you. Your past does not excuse your present. Your negative experiences should not strip you of your compassion. You should learn from those experiences, grow from them, and use them as an example of how not to be. I know its hard, but you can do this.

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Picture belongs to The Wild Unknown