Mother of Cups

Much like the Daughter of Cups, the Mother of Cups is highly Neptunian. You are deeply emotional, sensitive, caring, and highly intuitive. Your connectivity to your own emotions leads to a sensitivity and awareness of the emotions of the people around you. You can be quite good at emotional and spiritual healing but should be wary of maintaining some boundaries.

Low functioning Mother of Cups can have the worst Neptunian traits. Being an emotional sponge, combined with a lack of boundaries, can lead to a martyr complex. Your connection to your own emotions, as well as the emotions of those around you, means you can become quite good at manipulating those emotions. You need to take a step back and assess where these emotions are coming from. Do you feel like you’ve been duped and used by the people around you? It’s easy to put the onus on others, but, upon closer inspection, you’ll likely find you projected your ideal onto someone and now feel angry and betrayed because it’s gone. Don’t hold someone accountable for a part of them that never existed in the first place. Hold yourself accountable for creating it in them. Remind yourself that being sensitive doesn’t mean you know everything about everyone and that being in touch with your emotions doesn’t mean that all of your emotions are honest. Try to work past that Neptunian fog and you’ll have some truly beautiful, spiritual qualities.

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Picture belongs to The Wild Unknown