Fall is Here!

Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, is the second harvest of the Pagan holiday calendar, the first being Lammas. It is one of two days out of the year when day and night are equally divided before the sun sets early for the rest of the year. This day when nature is in balance is the time to be thankful for what we have been given before a long winter.

As always, the holiday starts with making your altar. You’ll want to use incense like sage and stones like lapis lazuli. Make a cornicopia if you’re feeling traditional, and a puff pastry one if you aren’t. Go for a walk and admire the changing of the leaves, or go apple picking (Side note, if you’re from Upstate New York, it’s sacrilegious to go apple picking and not get fresh apple cider and fry cakes.). With your newly picked apples, cast an apple ritual, this is the time of year to ask for prosperity, protection, and balance.

Thanks for reading and have a happy beginning to my favorite time of the year, bye!

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