Son of Cups

Much like the Daughter of Cups, as with the entire suit of Cups, the Son of Cups is highly artistic and creative. While I consider the Daughter to be Neputian, the Son, to me, is Scorpionic. As much as you are artistic, creative, and sensitive, you are just as known for your emotional intensity and intuition. There is a difficult to explain, but hard to deny, magnetism about you.

Reversed is peak low functioning Scorpio. You are jealous, moody, and prone to giving in to your worst impulses and emotions. Particularly, making rash judgments without sufficient facts and being generally suspicious of the people around you and their motivations. That’s no way to live, for you and for others. Personally, I think this stems from a predisposition for a selfish, base nature. Can’t see the forest from the trees, as it were. Try to see past yourself to other people. Be honest with yourself about your behavior. Is it hurting people? Is it pushing people away? I know its tempting to put the onus on everyone else but yourself, its human nature to do what requires the least of you, but you are the only person you have the power to change; and, in the particular instance, that’s a good thing.

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Picture belongs to The Wild Unknown