Daughter of Cups

The Daughter of Cups is representative of an artistic, creative, highly sensitive person. You wholeheartedly embrace new ideas and are characterized by your persistence in achieving your dreams. Following your intuition makes anything possible, and you are not afraid of emotional honesty and vulnerability.

On the reverse, your creativity is blocked. Perhaps, your motivation is material gains, as opposed to passion. Creating with the intention to make money is much like giving to receive, you’re missing the point entirely and you will accomplish nothing because of it. On the other hand, you could be prone to giving into escapism. Escapism for people comes in many forms; but with Water ruling Cups, escapism for you most likely comes in the form of substance abuse. Neptune actually rules drug abuse, coincidentally enough. Something about you, or other people, or your life in general, is driving you to anesthetize yourself. I think it’s the misguided hope that if we forget something is there, maybe, by the time we remember, it won’t be there anymore.  Its always there, it will always be there until you face it. I know it is exhausting to be strong and to keep on being strong, but what other choice is there? It’s just something you have to do. Life won’t always be hard unless you allow it to remain so.

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Picture belongs to The Wild Unknown