Nine of Cups

Away from the misery and onto happiness! Unlike previous Cups, your dreams and wishes aren’t holding you back, instead, they are coming to fruition. The Nine of Cups is your reward for putting your boots on the ground and doing the work the previous cards asked of you. Good health, success, and happiness; what more is there to say?

Reversed, you are outwardly blessed and inwardly lacking. Sure, you put in the work, you achieved this, you have that; but is it enough? Yes, things are nice (I write this with my ass firmly planted in my Ikea chair that I love), but we all, sooner or later, come to a point when we realize its not enough now, nor is it ever likely to be. Putting time in with friends and family, volunteering, enjoying nature; these are the things that fill us up. Find that for yourself, and happiness in yourself will follow. That is the true reward of the Nine of Cups.

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Picture belongs to The Wild Unknown