Seven of Cups

Put politely, Neptune is illusionary; its a planet of seeing what we want to see. Bluntly, Neptune is delusional, because it facilitates, if not flat-out encourages, us to see what we want to see. It weakens your relationship with reality. It is fitting that with Wands there is constancy in the reading. Upright cards are benefic, downturned cards are malefic. Fire is straightforward, while Water is too full of all-consuming emotions to be concerned with that. Seven of Cups is particularly Neptunian in this regard, you are drowning in temptations, your dreams, and the deepest shadows of yourself. The hard part of this is, you have to pull yourself out of it. With this particular energy, as with all highly Neptunian energy, it is easy to place all of your hopes, trust, and dependency on another person and become inappropriately attached to them. You see them as your savior, and feel cheated and tricked when this is not the reality of the situation. With this card, you need to learn to depend on yourself and to see the world, yourself, and others as they are, not as you wish to see them.

Downturned, you have, figuratively speaking, emptied the cup of your illusions and now have clarity. The irony of this is, with clarity and independence, you actually are capable of more than just dreaming. You can work towards making your dreams a reality and standing on your own two feet, something that lasts and that will only ever be yours.

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Picture belongs to The Wild Unknown