Litha Says Summer is Finally Here

But, it’s raining where I live. Complaints aside, Litha, more commonly known as Midsummer, is easily thought of as a continuation of Beltane. This is still a time to celebrate growth and, as is the case with all Pagan holidays, a time to appreciate nature and all that it gives to us.

As always, the first thing to do is make your altar. Gold candles represent the sun, but yellow, orange, and blue can also be used. Add lavender, rose, or tangerine incense; along with Herkimer diamond, amber, or peridot stones. Enjoy eating all of the fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are in season now and, if your food preferences go that way, pork, which is sacred to Cerridwen. Now is the time to burn your Yule wreath, maybe wake up early and meditate, or, if you’re feeling really brave, run through a field on a broomstick as young women did in the past in hopes of a bountiful harvest and her own fertility. Most importantly, Midsummer’s Eve, when Magick is it’s most powerful, is the time for protection spells. It is the time for you to look beyond all of your pain and problems from the past year to the good things that are coming.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your summer. Bye!

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