Suit of Cups

Off with the Wands and on to the Cups! Cups, quite fittingly, are equivalent to Water in astrology. It represents our emotions and our relationships. The cards can range quite widely, not unlike the differences between Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. While, to me, all other signs under all other elements seem to work in tandem with the same goals and motivation, Water is not so neatly lined up. Earth signs, for example, are all focused on material gains, the minute details necessary for the acquisition of said material gains, and the steadiness required to maintain the minutia. Water signs, on the other hand, all require different things. Cancer wants emotional security, Scorpio wants to delve deep into something, be transformed by it and reborn. And, as a Capricorn, I couldn’t even begin to tell you what exactly a Pisces wants. My best guess, it varies from Pisces to Pisces.

The thread that links all the signs together is the same thread that links all of the Cups cards together: the emotionality and the connection we feel to the people around us. The many forms that love can take and our boundless capacity for it. Which is why pulling predominantly Cups in a Tarot reading means that the answer to your question lies in your heart. Not to get all Disney on you.

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Image belongs to The Wild Unknown