Father of Wands

The Father of Wands is the Suit of Wands fully evolved. You retain all of the passion, integrity, and creativity of the previous cards, just tempered by practicality. I feel this is a fundamental part of our journey as humans, to become self-aware enough to acknowledge our shortcomings and work to balance them out and, in turn, better ourselves.

The flip side of this is someone who is arrogant, condescending, manipulative, and full of unearned confidence. Its unfortunate but true, high functioning doesn’t exist without low functioning. If you pull this, you must discover what is driving you to become so ruthless and selfish. Do you believe there isn’t enough – whether its money, love, success or whatever else you desire – to go around? Do you think if you don’t take for yourself that you will never be given anything? Whatever it is, you need to come to peace with yourself and the world around you. There is enough for all.

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Picture belongs to the Wild Unknown