Mother of Wands

The Mother of Wands is full of fire and passion. This represents someone who is loyal, vibrant, courageous, and individualistic. Much like the rest of the Suit of Wands, a lack of pragmatism can be your shortcoming particularly in regards to your finances. But, this card is still full of positive energy and a symbol of good things coming your way. Reversed, Mother of Wands can mean obstacles and a need to find balance and, again, pragmatism.

All in all, this is a lovely card and not much needs to be said about it. I’ve found that the higher cards (Daughter, Son, Mother, and Father or Page, Knight, Queen, and King, depending on your deck) don’t have as much to do with current and coming circumstances of your life and more to do with who you are as a person. I feel the same way about the Major Arcana, aside from The Wheel and The World. But, I think its a good balance. We need to understand our lives and our places in it.

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Picture belongs to the Wild Unknown