Ten of Wands

Ten represents completion in the Tarot. But, just because your journey is nearly or fully complete doesn’t mean you achieved the ending you wanted. I’ve found that nearly all of us tend to imagine that if we accomplish or acquire something that we’ve always wanted, our lives will magically change. That is very rarely the reality. Whatever it is you wanted doesn’t change the fact that every morning you wake up as you. It can be disappointing to realize that something you pinned all of your happiness on, all your plans for the future, or even all of your self-worth on ultimately doesn’t change much of anything; worse yet, it can be difficult to work past it. But, you must. Nothing happens the way you plan it, and that holds true for everyone.

Reversed, the Ten of Wands is the equivalent of busy work. You make bad choices, you choose to keep negative people in your life, you create unnecessary pressure and burdens for yourself all to have a reason for why things don’t work out for you. I’m not saying anyone consciously does this. The human brain is a simultaneously amazing and horrifying thing; it can be full of sneakiness, sabotage, and general fuckery, but only because it wants to protect itself. Try to loosen the knots your brain has tied. Try to see you chronically bringing negativity into your life as a way to deflect addressing something in yourself. Like many things, it’s hard but worth it.

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Picture belongs to the Wild Unknown