Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands brings the Seven of Wands to an end. You will experience growth and change, so long as you have a little patience. It can also mean you’ll have the opportunity for physical change, such as traveling. This card, in particular, feels a lot like Saggitarius to me (the Wands family represent fire, remember?). Saggitarius, which is ruled by Jupiter and, in turn, rules the Ninth House, is expansive. Both in the literal sense of expanding what is brought into your life, but also the figurative sense of expanding your mind. The Ninth House also represents long distance travel.

The reversed of Eight of Wands still requires patience, but for harder reasons. You will have to handle unforeseen obstacles, likely ones of your own doing. Not to say that you sabotaged yourself, but life is unpredictable and you can’t account for everything. Don’t let your frustration with yourself become another obstacle. That one is much harder to overcome and detains you from your ultimate goal. Just accept that you made mistakes and work to fix them. You’ve got this.

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Picture belongs to the Wild Unknown