Celebrate the End of Winter with Imbolc

At least, in theory. It’s still bitterly cold and snowy where I live. Moving on from the complaining. Anyway, Imbolc is an early Celtic holiday celebrating that spring is on the way. Think of it as a precursor to Groundhog Day. So, do some spring cleaning. Pack away all of your things from Yule, dust, sweep, and maybe even move your furniture.

Make an altar with seed packets for the coming plants, candles, herbs like basil, incense such as cinnamon, and don’t forget to make a Brigid’s Cross. Light your candles or turn on your lamps at sundown and eat a spicy food like curry, this represents the return of the sun after a long winter.

While this particular holiday hasn’t had the staying power of Samhain or Yule, I think its fun to celebrate that winter is coming to a close. If you hate winter like I do that is. As always, thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments. Bye!

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