A Brief How-to on Yule, the OG Christmas

Yes, you read that right. Theologians actually speculate Christ, if he lived, was born sometime in April, so how did we come to celebrate Christmas in December? Because of Pagans. To encourage Pagans to convert to Christianity, early Christians decided to be accommodating and meld pre-existing Pagan holidays with Christian ones. And so, Yule became Christmastide and Ostara became Easter.

Okay, brief history lesson over. Now, how to celebrate Yule. The most commonly known is to find and burn a Yule log, but if that’s not your thing how about baking a Yule log cake? You can also decorate a tree and sing carols. Most importantly, build your altar to welcome peace, prosperity, and happiness into the new year.

Whatever you celebrate, I hope you have a happy holiday with the people you love!

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