Top 5 Albums

Much like my top 5 favorite movies and top 5 favorite book to movie adaptations, these are the albums I listen to over and over again. And when I love a musician that much, I can almost guarantee that half of their discography will end up on my initial writing playlist. It’s a sickness.


5.) Lera Lynn Resistor

One of the very few good things about the second season of True Detective was the original music she wrote for it; which led me to listen to the rest of her music. Surprisingly for me, because I’m not usually one for country and its red solo cup connotations, I fell in love with it. Unsurprisingly for me, my favorite album of hers, aside from the aforementioned True Detective ep, is her most recent one which continues the darker tone she took on for – you guessed it! – True Detective (how many times am I going to mention that?). If you think country is all pick-up trucks and broken hearts, as I once did, this will change your mind.

Top Track: Cut + Burn



4.) SZA Z

SZA (that’s sizz – uh phonetically) is even more of a recent love for me. If you listen to Rihanna you’ve probably heard her before, she co – wrote and was featured on the first track of Anti. I’ve listened to this album so many times that if CDs were still a thing it would have been scratched to pieces ages ago.

Top Track: Shattered Ring



3.) She Keeps Bees Dig On

This album makes me feel like a badass bitch. She Keeps Bees in general really. But, as with all their other albums and eps, the track listing is interspaced with painful and quiet tracks like my favorite on the album.

Top Track: Make You My Moon



2.) Karen Elson The Ghost Who Walks

Same as with Lera Lynn, my deep – seated, listen to this multiple times a day love for this album was a surprise. But, that might be because a folk album with my ‘breathing deep the darkness that envelops my soul’ phase as a teenager seems incongruent.

Top Track: Pretty Babies


(Once again, I couldn’t resist)



1.) Circa Survive Descensus

It’s not an overstatement to say this is the only band that I continued to listen to after I was past the aforementioned ‘breathing deep the darkness that envelops my soul’ phase. It’s one of those albums, when your brain makes life exceedingly difficult, that makes you feel like you can take on the world, because you’re not the only one whose brain makes life difficult.

Top Track: I honestly couldn’t pick one that is an absolute favorite, so I went with my sister’s favorite, Child of the Desert


Thank you for reading and tell me your favorite albums in the comments. Bye!


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