Top 5 Songs That Inspired Ascendent (Plus a Bonus Song!)

The current song count for the Ascendent playlist is 46; though, knowing me, that is likely to increase. However, I’ve decided to narrow that list down to the top 5 that inspired my protagonist Sabine.

5.) Work Song by Fallulah

This actually opens my playlist, and perfectly encapsulates Sabine at the beginning of the book. Life is work sometimes.


4.) Stolen Roses by Karen Elson

This song always symbolized the difficult relationship between Sabine and her mother for me.


3.) Arms Length by She Keeps Bees

The early stages of Sabine’s feelings for Elias (my top 5 for him is coming next).


2.) Make Me Stay by Gold Motel

This is for an ‘oh, fuck’ moment.


1.) Mother by Florence + The Machine

This is for the end, she’s mid-step in growing and there isn’t a tidy, clear cut ending.


Bonus: I’m On Fire by IO Echo

For my beloved little pyro, Sabine’s sister Fig.


Thank you for reading and let me know what you think in the comments. Bye!

Image belongs to Frends