Choosing Your Title (Plus a Mini Astrology Lesson!)

I’m not a big fan of following book trends. From content to covers to titles, what will catch a reader’s eye this year will make them wrinkle their nose at the cheesiness next year. The influx of vampire novels around 2008 anyone? You should write about something that holds meaning for you and that you are passionate about. Your title should reflect that, as well as what your story is about.

Not to say that this is an easy task. I went through a whole slew of potential titles, which wasn’t helped by the fact that I am incredibly persnickety. The title had to have meaning to me, make sense with the tone and subject of the book, as well as my lead character’s life, personality, and interests. Trust me, it was a process and a half just to narrow down the subject I would draw from; then another process and a half before I finally landed on a title I love.

Ascendent, part of it, is about that old adage ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. That’s where the mini astrology lesson comes in. Your ascendent sign, also known as your rising sign or your first house cusp, is the part of your personality that you present to the outside world. It’s the first part of you that people see. But, it’s a small part of you as a whole. (Side note: this is an extremely basic definition of your ascendent, and disregards planets in your first house, along with aspects being made to those planets and to the house itself.)

So, if I’ve interested you in astrology, here are some resources:

Birth Chart (you need to know your exact time of birth)

Aries ascendent

Taurus ascendent

Gemini ascendent

Cancer ascendent

Leo ascendent

Virgo ascendent

Libra ascendent

Scorpio ascendent

Sagittarius ascendent

Capricorn ascendent

Aquarius ascendent

Pisces ascendent

Thank you for reading and tell me what you think in the comments. Bye!

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